• General +

    Tiki 21 to plans by JWD.
    Ply, glass & epoxy.
    Good condition, though needs a scrub!
    Could deliver! (see "trailer")
  • Rig & Rigging +

    Simply aluminium tube mast.
    Three stays (forestay and two triatic stays).
  • Sails +

    Jeckells’ sails
    Mainsail (mast sleeve and zip type)
    One hanked on headsail
  • Engine +

    Suzuki 5hp.
    May need replacing.
  • Ground tackle etc +

    Delta anchor with a short length of chain.
    Various ropes …
  • Trailer +

    The boat has a very clever trailer.
    Splits lengthwise into two sections that can be manoeuvred separately with the hulls still on them.
    This allows the boat to be assembled with the hulls on their own trailers.
    Owner happy to deliver within reasonable distance at cost (3-400 miles).
  • Owner comment +

    "I'm the 3rd owner.
    I believe it was built in the late 1990s / early 2000s"
    I forgot to mention this in the details, but there are a couple of photos illustrating it: The two hatches are different. The starboard hand one blew off in bad weather and I replaced it with a simpler one piece arrangement that opens outwards on a piano hinge.
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