1400 Tiki 31 in Greece

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  • General +

    Areroui is a James Wharram Tiki 31 built by the owner and launched in 2021 in Greece.
    There are a few modifications to the original design with most important the enclosure of the central cockpits which house a galley on the port side and the heads on the starboard side.
  • Hulls and decks +

    Hulls/decks etc are made of the best exterior grade birch plywood in the Greek market according to specifications provided by the designer, sheathed in glass and West System epoxy.
    All softwood (crossbeams, masts etc) are douglas fir.
    Hardwood used (slatted decks, tillers, gaffs etc) was either Iroco or Niagon.
    Paint is two part International perfection polyurethane primer and paint inside out (two coats primer, two coats paint).
    Below waterline untifouling on international epoxy primer.
  • Rig and Rigging +

    Wooden masts made of douglas fir.
    Standing rigging is stainless steel PVC coated at diameters specified by the designer.
    Standing rigging connected to the hulls with stainless chain plates.
    Roller furling system for the jib by Facnor, new.
  • Sails +

    Jib, foresail, mainsail by Jeckels, tan colour, all unused.
  • Engine +

    Tohatsu 9,8 HP, electric start, with remote control, bought new in 2021
  • Electrics/Navigation +

    80Ah deep cycle marine battery new
    Engine recharged for the time being
    Navigation lights.
    Electrical system yet not fully installed.
  • Ground Tackle +

    Three anchors:
    2 Bruce 7 and 9 kgs and a Delta anchor of 12 kgs.
    10m, 20m and 15m of chain respectively.
    More than 200m of rope of different callipers
  • Safety +

    11 life jackets (license is for 10 people).
    Two large round plastic buoys
    Flares etc as required by Greek maritime regulations.
  • Galley & Plumbing +

    Two burn propane cooker.
    Plumbing is not installed yet
  • Heads +

    Jabsco manual toilet.
    Plumbing is not installed yet.
  • Dinghy +

    3,10m inflatable dinghy.
  • Misc +

    8 fenders, including 2 large round ones
    Removable deck tents
  • Misc 2 +

    There are a lot of stainless parts, lights, sinks for the galley and heads that are purchased but not installed yet.
    A console and a steering wheel is also built but not installed as I couldn’t decide which would be the optimal place.
    It will be installed in the next season.
  • Owner Comments +

    Areroui was a long built of about 14 years.
    During the built a lot have changed in our lives.
    Three new members were added to our family and our home was relocated twice.
    Obligations have deprived us from enough free time for cruising.
    The boat was launched in 2021 on the island of Crete, Greece and made a journey of about 150 miles to the harbour she is now on the easter part of the island.
    She is strong and the modifications to the plans added to the liveability for longer periods of cruising.
    The interiors of the galley and heads are not complete yet as they need some final arrangements, plumping and final coats of paint.
    Also the electrics are rather basic.
    I will continue to upgrade her every season though and take her to day cruises until someone is willing and capable of taking over her and sailing her to what she is really build for.
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