1366 Tiki 38

Reduced to US$55,000!

Currently in West Papua & US flagged.

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  • General +

    SV ALUNA is a James Wharram Design Tiki 38 (plan number 109), built strictly to plan except for the rig, which is a Polynesian crab claw rig, transplanted and scaled up 15% from Wharram’s Tama Moana design.
    Condition: ALUNA has been in the water for 10 years and very diligently maintained. She was hauled out for a month and a half in March/April 2016 in Whangarei, New Zealand for thorough maintenance of her underwater parts. All damage on its worm shoe was repaired, a new coat of copper epoxy and fresh antifouling applied. There is no compromise in the underwater fiberglass coating and no known rot in any of her wooden structure.
  • Hulls & Deck +

    The hulls are made with Meranti marine ply 9mm for the skin under the waterline and 9mm Okume marine ply for the upper structure.
    Bulkheads are made of 12mm Okume marine ply and the backbone, keels, skegs and rudders of double 18mm meranti marine ply.
    Cabin roofs are sandwich with Styrofoam core and 4mm Okume marine ply.
    Beams are structural I-beams with double 18mm Meranti marine ply core and Douglas fir timber top and bottom boards.
    Decks are redwood an Douglas fir slats reinforced with bamboo transversals.
  • Rig and Rigging +

    ALUNA’s rig is a transplant from Wharrams Tama Moana design.
    Under the supervision of Hanneke Boon of James Wharram Design the crab claw ketch rig was scaled up 15% to fit the Tiki 38 model.
    Masts are of Douglas fir sapplings, held up by Dynema shrouds.
    Main mast is 17’ high, mizzen mast 14’
  • Sails +

    Yard and boom are made of timber bamboo, reinforced with fiberglass.
    Sails are made of white high quality agricultural grade tarp.
    They can be fabricated and repaired easily by hand.
    There is a big (24m2 main and 13m2 mizzen) and a small (13m2 main and 7m2 mizzen) sail for each mast.
    The main is good up to max 20kts of wind, when it comes down and is replaced with the small main.
    With this set up, which in our experience is up 80% of the time, ALUNA handles well up to 35kts, where the big mizzen is replaced with the small one to deal with heavy weather.
  • Engine +

    ALUNA is equipped with a 6hp Tohatsu MFS6CUL 4 stroke, long shaft, pull start.
    Both motor boxes are built to plan, so she could be easily upgraded to the two 9.9hp motors JWD specifies in its plans.
  • Ground Tackle +

    Bruce 35lb main anchor with 15’ chain and 300’ nylon rode
    CQR 40lb secondary
    Danforth 20lb backup.
  • Electrical/Nav +

    Separate batteries in both hulls and in the cockpit (110Ah in hulls, 80Ah in the cockpit)
    Each charged from it’s own solar panel (100W, 75W and 50W).
    Chinook Micro Turbine 200 wind generator on board but not yet mounted.
    LED lighting throughout the boat.
    Autohelm 3000 electrical wheel auto pilot, very sturdy and reliable.
    AIS and handheld VHF radio.
    iPad with Navionics for navigation.
  • Safety +

    2 automatic life vests
    8 foam life vests
    5 flotation devices
    18ft military grade parachute sea anchor
    Flare kit
  • Galley +

    Two burner propane stove with oven.
    2 polyester gas tanks.
    30lt compressor fridge 12V/240V.
    20lt water tank gravity fed into galley sink.
    Plenty of pots and pans, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, Tupperware etc.
    200l+ water jerrycans.
  • Heads +

    Bucket toilets
    Porta Potty
    Camping shower in cockpit.
  • Dinghy +

    16’ Gary Dierking outrigger canoe
    two adult paddles,
    can be rigged for sailing.
    1 person inflatable canoe
  • Misc +

    Full set of fenders on board to protect Aluna when side tied.
    Central hatch with bucket on string to haul up sea water when on anchor or under way.
    Full set of service tools for wood- and epoxy work
    Lots of spares for fixing most things on board
  • From the owner +

    Built by the owner from 2004 to 2008 in San Leandro, CA, USA, launched September 2008.

    Then sailed to New Zealand & on. Currently in a boatyard in West Papua.

    Information about the build at: http://clanb.be/aluna

    It’s watery journey is documented in the blog: http://alunaboat.wordpress.com .
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